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About Indoor Plants

Learn more about Indoor Plants and the team behind the brand

About Indoor Plants

Welcome to Indoor Plants, your go-to destination for all things related to – yes, you guessed it – indoor plants! Whether you're a complete novice or seasoned botanist, we're on a mission to help all plant enthusiasts navigate the wonderful world of indoor gardening.

Our site makes it easy to discover the best plants for every room and provides practical advice on how to style and care for them.

Discover the best plants for your space and learn about their unique characteristics and requirements. Create beautiful plant arrangements and displays. Learn about the physical and mental health benefits of indoor plants and how to maximize their potential. And get creative with our indoor plant guides.

About our Founder

Ash Read
Ash Read, founder of IndoorPlants.com

Indoor Plants was founded by Ash Read to provide accessible, practical advice on indoor plant care, helping enthusiasts and beginners to enjoy the beauty and benefits of indoor plants. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Living etc, Bob Villa, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.

Bringing You an Expert Perspective

To give you the most helpful information and advice about choosing the perfect houseplants and ensuring they thrive in your home, we work with a range of experts to gather their perspectives for our content. Across Indoor Plants, you'll hear from houseplant specialists like:

  • Cate Kowalsky: Plant Expert at DaHing Plants with a goal to make plant parenthood easier for everyone, no matter how green their thumb.

  • Paris Lalicata: A self-taught plant expert with over ten years of experience growing houseplants. Paris has also been with The Sill for almost 5 years and heads up Plant Education and Community.

  • Vanessa Jovel Byrnes: Vanessa is Co-Owner and Founder of Living with Green alongside her husband, Brian. Living with Green is a specialty boutique plant shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that specializes in all things indoor tropical and arid plants.

You can check out a full list of the experts we work with here.

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