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Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Indoor growers with low light conditions rely on grow lights that mimic the sun’s UV rays by utilizing the full spectrum. Here are the best grow lights for indoor plants to support your indoor garden.

Full spectrum lighting provides an artificial light source that promotes plant growth during any stage, including flowering/blooming, cloning, vegging, and seeding. Using grow lights allow you to grow any type of plant year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Both fluorescent lights and LED lights offer the full spectrum lighting that plants need to thrive, but LED bulbs are more efficient and eco-friendly. 

Top Picks Roundup

Best General Purpose - LBW Grow Light with Stand (Amazon)

Best Grow Bulb - GE Grow Light for Plants (Amazon)

Best Hanging - Phlizon Upgraded 600W LED Plant Grow Light (Amazon)

Best Mounted - Sunco 4FT LED Grow Lights (Amazon)

Best Free Standing - Single LED Light Glow n’ Grow Light Garden Cart (Burpee)

Best Clip On - EZORKAS Grow Light

Best Adjustable Spectrum - Feit Electric Adjustable Spectrum Plant Grow Light Fixture (Home Depot)

Best for Large Spaces - Spider Farmer 2023 New SF4000 LED Grow Light (Amazon)

Best for Individual Potted Plants - GrowLED LED Umbrella Plant Grow Light (Amazon)

There are many types of grow lights to choose from.

Best General Purpose

The best overall grow light for indoor plants is the LBW Grow Light with Stand.

At less than $30, it is versatile and affordable, giving you the flexibility to grow plants in many locations throughout your home. The light sits on a tripod that adjusts from 15 to 47 inches, making it easy to move anywhere you need it to.

The LBW Light is a full spectrum grow light, which means it mimics natural sunlight, keeping plants healthy and growing. It’s suitable for all stages of growth, whether you have seedlings or mature plants. This type of grow light is also energy efficient with only 30 watt consumption, keeping your electric bill low.

And though the wattage is less, it is just as effective as 150-watt grow lights. The LBW Light is quick and easy to assemble.


LBW Grow Light with Stand


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Best Grow Bulb

GE's indoor LED grow light bulbs are a cost-effective way to keep houseplants happy.

This bulb only uses 9 watts of energy with low-heat generation, making it one of the most efficient options on the market. The GE BR30 grow bulbs appear white to the eye but have a red/blue light spectrum that is ideal for many species of plants in any growing stage.

GE’s indoor LED grow light bulbs are convenient because they can take the place of a regular LED or incandescent bulb in just about any standard desk lamp and light fixture.

While shopping for grow lights, the PPF (Photosynthesis Photo Flux) is important to consider. The PPF is measured in micromoles per second. GE’s grow bulb provides the highest number of micromoles available, which means plants will receive more light to use for photosynthesis and general growth.


GE Grow Light for Plants


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Best Hanging

The Philzon LED Plant Grow Light is the best grow light for indoor plants if you want to install a permanent hanging light.

Your seedlings or flower in any stage will be getting the same benefits of being out in the natural light of the sun. This light generates less heat, resulting in lower electricity bills and a more comprehensive light spectrum. You can switch functions on the light if you only want a portion of the colors on. Blue and white lights work best for seedlings, while red and white lights work best for mature, flowering plants.

This light uses 900 watts, and can replace 180 watt HPS/MH lamps. It shines light on a four square foot area, so you can place multiple plants under it at once. The Philzon light uses double cooling fans, which extends the light life.


Phlizon Upgraded 600W LED Plant Grow Light


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Best Mounted

Sunco LED grow lights is a top rated mounted grow light.

It comes in a 4-pack since you can link up to four of the grow lights on a singular power source. The long-lasting LEDs use less power and contain less harmful chemicals than traditional lighting options. Even though they are 80 watt LED light fixtures, they are equivalent to 600 watts.

The lights come with all the mounting hardware needed and can be directly mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The blue light it provides increases chlorophyll, which results in strong and healthy stems and leaves. The red light it provides is essential for seed germination and root growth. As plants mature, the red light promotes flowering and the production of fruit.


Sunco LED Grow Lights


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Best Free-Standing

The Glow n’ Grow Garden Cart from Burpee is a single-tier canopy fixture that has a variable lamp-to-tray height of 20 inches.

It can easily be adjusted to allow room for small plants, making it ideal for seed starting or for small pots of herbs. It has been designed to provide complete coverage with four LED tubes. The cart also has a generous single shelf that accommodates up to four standard-size plant trays without overcrowding. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.


Single LED Light Glow n’ Grow Light Garden Cart


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Best Clip On

Ezorkas Grow Light allows you to get coverage and the exact angle needed in any space.

The automatic timing function allows you to set it up for lighting every 3 hours, 9 hours, or 12 hours. You can also adjust the brightness of the light and the distance between the light and plants according to plant needs. The lamps provide 9 dimmable modes and 3 spectrum modes (red, blue, and mixed light) to support each stage of plant growth.

Ezorka’s Grow Light has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect in your office or home to USB or AC power plugs. At about $30, this grow light can be easily clipped onto the edge of a desk, countertop, table, or shelf to support tabletop plant life. The adjustable gooseneck lets you position each of the four lights precisely where you want them over plants of varying heights.


EZORKAS Grow Light


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Best Adjustable Spectrum

Feit Electric’s Adjustable Spectrum Lamp offers three color settings to support your plant’s growth stage: blue, red, and full spectrum white.

The 6400K LED strips provide powerful light intensity without heat output. The low heat emission allows you to place the grow lights close to plants without worrying about heat damage. The strips are integrated directly into the fixture so you never have to replace a bulb! These no-humming LEDs emit adjustable and precise wavelengths for high photosynthetic response.

This light can be mounted or hung horizontally or vertically using the included harness. You can even link up to four units to expand your garden’s light needs.

Home Depot

Feit Electric Adjustable Spectrum Plant Grow Light Fixture


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Best for Large Spaces

The Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light illuminates large areas, providing 5x5 square feet of coverage.

The 450 watt grow light is the ideal supplemental light for all growth stages since it emits a full spectrum of colors: red, white, blue, and IR light. The lights are energy efficient while delivering a full spectrum of light. The design of more light beads on the edges and less in the middle allows for more uniform PPFD. The easy installation, large coverage area, full spectrum LED, and even light distribution make the Spider Farmer Grow Light a great choice.


Spider Farmer 2023 New SF4000 LED Grow Light


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Best for Individual Potted Plants

The Grow LED Umbrella Plant Light is a great option to promote the photosynthesis of individual plants, allowing them to grow healthier and faster.

At about $25 each, the umbrella light can be pushed into the soil of any indoor potted plant. Use it for your hanging plant, window box, large planter, and wall planter!

The height is adjustable to provide the right amount of light that each individual plant needs. It also has optional lighting timers: 8, 12, 16, or 24 hours. Not only is the umbrella a grow light, but it is also a stylish decoration for any indoor space. Perfect for beginner plant owners or those who don’t have a lot of plants that need supplemental light.


Grow LED Umbrella Plant Light


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