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Best Indoor Pots For Plants

Choosing a plant pot that matches your decor and fits your lifestyle is an important part of plant parenting. Here are our top picks in 10 categories.

Top Picks Roundup

Best Overall - Hyde Planter (The Sill)

Best Terracotta - D'vine Dev Terracotta Pots (Amazon)

Best Budget - Whonline 7 Inch Plastic Flower Pots 6 Pack (Amazon)

Best Splurge - Sinclairville 2 - Piece Iron Pot Planter Set (Wayfair)

Best Hanging - Hanging Planter Terracotta & Cotton (Target)

Best Tall - Algreen Acerra Curved Yard & Patio Vase (Target)

Best Large - Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Resin Flower Pot Barrel (Amazon)

Best Small - Ecopots Round Pot – 10″ (Bloomscape)

Best Self-Watering - Carmeron 1 - Piece Self-Watering Pot Planter (Wayfair)

Best Ceramic - 18 in. Blue Pinequilt Ceramic Planter (Home Depot)

There are a huge variety of indoor plant pots to choose from.

Best Overall

A fantastic name in pots and planters is Hyde. Available at The Sill, these versatile planters have a minimalist feel. These earthenware planters are available in a variety of sizes and colors starting at $34.

We love the built-in cachepot and drainage holes that prevents excess water from pooling around the roots. These pots are beautiful and functional and a must have for anyone working on repotting.

The Sill

Hyde Planter

Starting at $34

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Best Terracotta

Amazon has some great deals for those looking for terracotta indoor planters. Made by D’vine, this set of three small terracotta pots retails for around $30. The pots have drainage holes and sit on a saucer to catch water that drains out of your houseplants. These are a favorite of our staff for small plants that can fit in a tight space like a windowsill.

Many types of plants thrive in terracotta including aloe, fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, and succulents that benefit from moisture control.


D'vine Dev Terracotta Pots for Plants


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Best Budget

If you adore indoor plants and need to pinch your pennies, Amazon has an exceptional option for you. This excellent deal on Whonline planters nets you six, 7- inch plastic pots with drainage holes in a neutral gray color. Made from a sturdy material, they are designed with raised lines on the outside to add textural interest. For less than $25, you can repot a whole bunch of your plants in matching pots!


Whonline 7 Inch Plastic Flower Pots 6 Pack


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Best Splurge

Our top pick for best splurge is found at Wayfair. Priced around $250, the Sinclairville 2 - Piece Iron Pot Planter Set may seem pricy, but you are getting a lot of bang for your buck because you get two indoor plant pots. The pots and plant stands are both iron. One pot is 22” H x 13” W and the other 25'' H x 15.5'' W.


Sinclairville 2 - Piece Iron Pot Planter Set


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Best Hanging

Looking for a hanging pot to display your favorite plant? Although there are many great options out there, this one from Target is a popular one. This flower pot is terracotta planter and does not have drainage holes. Since they are hand crafted, no two are exactly alike. Some plants like the spider plant flourish when displayed in a hanging pot and this one would make your spider look especially beautiful! The pot and cotton hanger are sold for under $58.


Hanging Planter Terracotta & Cotton


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Best Tall

Depending on the type of plant you have and where you want to display it, sometimes a tall pot is exactly what you are looking for. Many people lean toward tall planters for outdoor use, but they’re also good for tall, top-heavy plants, like mature fiddle leaf figs.

This one from Target measures 12 inches in diameter and is 20 inches high. Made of stone and recycled resin, it is durable enough for indoor or outdoor use. The drainage hole has a plug if you want to use it inside without a saucer. Available for just over $60, the Algreen Acerra Yard and Patio Vase is a steal.


Algreen Acerra Curved Yard & Patio Vase


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Best Large

Looking for something rustic to add to your home? The classic Whiskey Barrel pot features a distressed oak. Sold on Amazon for only $15, it will display flowers or greenery in a stylish way. We love this for experienced and new plant owners who are looking for a country feel for their large plants.


Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Resin Flower Pot Barrel


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Best Small

What better way to enjoy your houseplants than in an environmentally friendly manner? Bloomscape sells round pots called Ecopots made from 80% recycled plastic. They are as pretty as they are environmentally conscious! The 10-inch pots sell for $40 and come in many colors to match any room decor.


Ecopots Round Pot – 10″


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Best Self-Watering

Those with busy lifestyles might benefit from a self watering pot, which is one good way to prevent under or overwatering. Available on Wayfair, the Carmeron Self-Watering planter is one of our favorites. A great deal under $20, it is made of durable plastic so it can withstand the elements if you choose to display it outside, like on a patio tabletop.


Carmeron 1 - Piece Self-Watering Pot Planter


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Best Ceramic

When looking for ceramic pots to add to your home decor, all plant owners have a preference in style, color, etc. The Trendspot 18 inch blue, pine quilt planter in cobalt blue is a beautiful oversized ceramic planter. Available at Home Depot, it has textured details on the side and the ceramic is beautifully glazed. Don’t let the price tag scare you off. This beauty is worth every penny.

Home Depot

18 in. Blue Pinequilt Ceramic Planter


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